Troubleshooting Salesforce

See an error message, “An Error Has Occurred”

Click Refresh Custom Fields in your field settings screen, or sign in and sign out of the integration. The reason being the custom objects need to be pulled in and we only do so when we have a hard refresh.

Users may see the custom object in their settings, but when enabled the plugin stalls

Check the Client Relationship name on the Parent Object. The Client Relationship name needs to match the API name of the custom object EXACTLY.

New custom object definition was created in Salesforce but it doesn’t show up in Front

Click Refresh Custom Fields in the field settings screen to pull in the latest custom objects.

See an error message, "Invalid type - verify custom objects configuration"

Your master-detail relationship is not configured properly. You need to have a master-detail on the parent and then a lookup on the custom object, pointing to the parent.

  • Unchecking custom objects under the parent object and adding them back one by one can help identify which custom object doesn’t have its relationship set up properly.
  • Check the child relationship needs to match

Saving a custom object fails

Please verify if there are validation rules on the custom object that may prevent the custom object from being created.

See an error message, "Unexpected field. Try updating custom fields"

A field in the custom object cannot be rendered (typically relationship fields e.g. Owner ID).

The custom object is not showing up in the parent card

The custom object needs to be set as visible in the parent object (e.g. Account). So you have to go to the visibility settings for the parent object and check your custom object. Additionally, Front will only pull in custom objects that are one level deep on default objects. Front will not be able to pull custom objects off of another custom object.

Existing custom objects cannot be removed from the parent

We do not support this, it should be removed in Salesforce. We can only remove custom objects when they have NOT yet been created.

I created a Contact when I created an Account, but I didn't get my Contact custom objects

This is by design. We create the custom object for the first record we create. So if you click Create Account, even if you create a contact from that flow (you can), we will only create the custom objects related to Account.

I see Created Date, Created By ID, Last Modified Date and Last Modified By ID as required fields when I try to create a record

This is a result of the Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation settings in Salesforce.  According to Salesforce (article) this is a feature that should only be enabled when doing a data migration and is safe to turn off.  To correct, disable the Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation and Update Records with Inactive Owners settings in Salesforce, then log out of the Salesforce integration and back in again.

You will need to go to the App store section in your Company settings in Front and sign out of the Salesforce integration, as well as sign out from the plugin for all teammates.

See an error message, "Verify custom objects configuration.  Child relationship name should match Parent API name."

Currently, the only way the Front Salesforce integration will recognize the lookup relationship to a Parent object (Lead, Contact, Account, etc.) from a custom object is if the relationship field is named that same as the parent object, eg. Lead, Contact, etc.  This setup requirement is covered in the Salesforce integration setup here.

If you continue to encounter errors, please reach out so that we can assist! 

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