Using tables in emails



When composing a message, you may want to include tables from external sources to Front. This article outlines current compatibility with imported tables and what you are able to edit in Front.

Table features

What you can do

  • Copy and pasteĀ a table into your composer window

  • Add or delete rows and columns

  • Change column sizeĀ 

  • Select multiple cells

Example table pasted into Front:

What you cannot do

  • Create a table directly from Front

  • Style the table such as borders, background, etc.

  • Merge or split cells

How tables paste into Front

Depending what program you are using to create tables, pasting a table into a Front email will look different. Below you will see the differences between Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets.


All formatting created in Numbers will copy over into Front. You do not need to add gridlines.


All formatting will be copied from your table created in Excel. Your content will appear in a table, and style and gridlines will carry over.

Google Sheets

All formatting created in Google Sheets will copy over into Front. You will need to add gridlines in Google Sheets in order for them to appear in Front.