Avoiding social engineering: Front support procedures


As you know, cybercriminals are constantly trying to access critical data on the internet. This makes your Front account a potential target for them. One of the technique they use is social engineering: attempting to impersonate someone using an insecure channel like a phone call.

One of our customers reported that a person pretending to be a Front employee tried to get them to perform administrative actions in their account. Fortunately, they were in constant communication with our team and immediately realized that something was wrong – no harm was done.

Front support procedures

While we have only heard about this one instance, we take your security very seriously and want to clarify our support procedures:

  • We will never call you directly for support-related requests without scheduling a meeting first. We will do support operations at your request.

  • Our employees will never ask for your password or your credit card number.

  • Our support team will always double-check the identity of users before making any change.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact security@front.com. You can also forward suspicious emails to this address. If you believe someone might have access your account, let us know immediately.

Securing your account

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to set up 2FA (multi-factor authentication) on your account, which is available for all plans.