Activating two factor authentication (2FA)


For an extra layer of security, we suggest enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Front account. Before you're able to activate 2FA on your account, you will need to install an authentication app that supports "TOTP algorithm", such as Google Authenticator, LastPass, or Authy.


Step 1

Once you've downloaded an authentication app, click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Personal settings tab.

Step 2

From the Profile section, click Enable authentication in the Two-factor authentication setting.

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear. Type in your Front account password to confirm and click Next.

Step 4

On the next pop-up window, scan the QR code with your authentication app.

Step 5

Fill in the Login with your code field with the code generated by your app. Please note that the app will display a code that changes every 30 seconds.

Step 6

Click Activate to finish enabling.

Disabling 2FA

You can disable 2FA anytime by going back to your Two-factor authentication settings, and clicking Disable authentication.

If you ever lose the device that has your authentication app, you can ask a Front admin on your team to disable 2FA for you. As an admin, you will be prompted to enter your own password to disable 2FA.

2FA exceptions

If you use the Sign in with Google or Office 365 (OAuth) options to log in to Front, you will not be able to enable Front's native two-factor authentication as this requires a Front password in order to be activated. 

In this case, if you still wish to enable Front 2FA for your account, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance. We can disable the OAuth binding to allow you to create a Front password and enable Front 2FA.