Total reply time (avg)

Term name

Total reply time (avg)


Total time your customer spent waiting for replies across the entire conversation. 


Example use case: Understand your customers' point-of-view and use it as a starting point to set incremental goals to reduce your customers' wait time and improve their experience.


Sum of all reply times for archived conversation segments with at least one reply, that are currently archived. Previously called Resolution time in legacy Front analytics. Takes business hours into account.

Location & attribution

  • Team Performance report

    • Main Metrics cards

    • Team Performance table - Attributed to the teammate who performed the final archive event.

  • Customer Satisfaction report

    • Contacts table - Attributed to the contact(s) involved in the conversation.

    • Accounts table - Attributed to the account(s) involved in the conversation.


  • This metric excludes auto-replies sent in Front via rules or time off auto-responders.

  • This metric may change depending on the report filters you have applied. If you filter for an inbox, for example, only the replies sent from that inbox would factor into Total reply time. Similarly, if you filter for a single day, only the replies sent on that day will be included. 

  • In case of multiple consecutive replies sent to the same inbound, only the first reply has a reply time calculated for it.

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