How to choose between creating a Google Group or a Gmail user account



If you're using Google Apps and want to add a new shared inbox in Front, you have two options. See below for a comparison of features/benefits.

Option 1:  Add a real user account

  • Setup is easy

  • We can import your email history to Front

  • There will be a two-way sync between Front and Gmail

  • Sent mail syncs with Gmail

  • You'll have a backup of everything in your Gmail inbox

See here for instructions to connect your Gmail account to Front.

Option 2: Add a Google Group

  • Setup requires email forwarding

  • Conversation history will not be imported

  • Google Groups are free, whereas an additional Gmail account at your domain incurs a small cost per month

  • Sent mail will not sync with Gmail

See here for instructions to connect your Google Group to Front.