Sync custom fields from Okta



When you provision user access from Okta to Front, all provisioned teammates’ names and emails will be synchronized from Okta. These instructions explain how to configure the integration to also synchronize a teammate custom field in Front from a user attribute in Okta.

These instructions assume you have already set-up user provisioning with Okta, as explained in this article.

Supported custom fields

This table summarizes which custom field types in Front can be synced from a user attribute in Okta.

Front custom field type

Okta attribute type




Okta attribute is the inbox ID






Okta attribute is the Front teammate ID







Yes or no



Sync custom fields from Okta to Front

Step 1

In Front, go to your company settings, then navigate to Custom fields in the left menu, and click on the Teammates tab.

Step 2

Hover over the custom field you wish to sync, and click on the three-dot menu. Click Copy custom field ID.

Step 3

Next you will need to configure Okta to use this template. You will need to configure the application User Profile in order for Okta to send this new attribute to Front.

From the Provisioning tab, scroll to the attributes mappings.

Step 4

Go to the Profile Editor to add this new attribute. In the profile editor, click Add attribute.

Step 5

Ensure the fields are set up like the following:

  1. Data type: Use the table above to select the correct data type

  2. Display name: Name of the custom field, for example, Employee ID

  3. Variable name: Name of the custom field with spaces removed, for example, employee_id

  4. External name: Paste the ID from step 2

  5. External namespace: urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:frontapp:teammate_custom_fields

Step 6

From there, you can go back to the profile editor displayed in Step 3. You should see your custom field, but it is not mapped to any attribute.

Click Mappings, then select the tab Okta users to Front. From here, you can select which Okta user attribute will map to the custom field in Front

Step 7

Save the mapping and the custom field sync is now complete.


Will I be able to update a custom field in Front that is synced to a user attribute in Okta?

Front does not restrict the editing of custom attributes that are synced. However, the value can be overwritten at any time if an update is pushed from Okta.