Smart Rules


Smart rules is one of the most powerful and customizable tools within Front; made possible through text manipulation, dynamic variables, and data extraction. Instead of numerous static, hardcoded rules; Smart Rules allow you to use dynamic variables that intelligently adjust to the factors of the conversation that triggered the rule and can even give a dynamic output that would otherwise require a human to analyze. Read on to learn how to save time for your team and scale your workflows.

How it works

  • A Smart Rule is similar in structure to a normal rule and is also built into Front's rule engine.

  • Smart Rules are unique in that they have dynamic variables you can build out within the rule editor, to achieve automations not possible with regular rules.

  • The dynamic variable itself will consist of as many steps as you need to build the path to obtaining, transforming, and manipulating the output you want.

  • Once you save the dynamic variable, it will show as an option to be used in the rule condition or action.

Smart Rules guides

Here is a list of guides to help you understand and implement Smart Rules.

  1. Smart Rules use cases: Gain inspiration from common ways to leverage Smart Rules to supercharge your workflows.

  2. Understanding Smart Rule variables: Get the breakdown on how exactly the dynamic variables, which are what enable the rule to be smart, work.

  3. How to build a Smart Rule: Learn how to build a Smart Rule with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

  4. Guide to Smart Rule variables: Check out the glossary of all the different steps and options you can have in the dynamic variable of a Smart Rule.


This feature is available on the Scale plan or above.