How to enable and use the Webhooks integration



The Webhooks integration allows you to be automatically notified when something happens in Front without having to constantly poll the API. It also gives you access to a new rule action to set up a URL that will receive an HTTP request every time the rule is triggered.

You can find documentation of the JSON format of the event here.

You must have Front company admin permissions to set up the integration.


Part 1: Enable the integration

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select App store from the left menu.

Step 2

Select Webhooks from the list of integrations. Click See details, then click Enable app.

Step 3 (optional)

If you want to reduce the amount of API calls you would need to get conversation details, make sure to toggle on Send Full Event Data. This will expose things like Subject, Status, Assignee, Recipient, Tags and the message itself in the webhook payload.

Step 4

Click Save to finish enabling the Webhooks integration.

Part 2: Set up your rule

Step 5

Create a new shared rule, and choose your desired When and If conditions.

Step 6

For your Then condition, select Send to a Webhook.

Step 7

Paste the URL of your webhook into the Target Webhook field in the rule action. Once that rule is triggered, you should successfully receive a payload at your webhook.


This feature is available on the Growth plan or above. Some legacy plans may also have this feature.