Reaction time (avg)

Term name

Reaction time (avg)


Track the average length of time for an action to be taken on a new conversation after a new inbound is received. This is a useful metric for teams with workflows where the first action taken on a conversation is a teammate manually assigning the conversation.


Example use case: A teammate is in charge of manually assigning conversations to relevant topic experts, and it’s critical that this assignment happens fast. Reaction time (avg) allows you to measure this.


Average time it takes for a teammate to assign/reassign a conversation to another teammate (not to self) upon a new inbound message, send a reply, or archive it. Takes business hours into account. If the first action is a reply, then reaction time will be equal to reply time.

Location & attribution

  • Team Performance report

    • Team Performance table - The time is attributed to the teammate who performs the reaction.

  • Tags report

    • Tag Details table - Time is counted for a tag if currently labeled with the tag.


  • Assignment actions taken by rules are not counted.

  • Auto-replies sent via rules in Front are not counted.

  • Archives on conversations with no replies are not counted. e.g. Archiving newsletters, notifications, etc.

  • See this article for more examples in of this metric in action.