Reauthorizing your inbox


If you have your Gmail or Office365 account connected in Front, it's possible you've been asked to reauthorized your account before. While it may seem strange that we're asking you to do this after months of working in Front, here's why this could be happening to you.

Your authentication token can be revoked because:

  • You or an admin changed your account credentials
  • Front's access was revoked through your account
  • You do not use your token for an extended period of time
  • When Front attempts to renew our subscription to your email channel, but your email provider is unable to process the attempt


For individual inboxes, click View Settings on the pop-up notification, and reauthorize your inbox. For team inboxes, please have an admin reauthorize the channel. In Settings there should be a warning regarding the inbox that needs reauthorization; follow the prompts to reauthorize it.

If this is happening consistently to your email account, over an extended period of time, please reach out to us through our contact form.


We notify teammates to re-authorize Gmail/Office 365 channels after the first request we make to the account fails.  Since there is a lag between when credentials are changed and access tokens are revoked, we only alert when the connection no longer works, and that alert should be immediate.  Then, once re-connected, we automatically import any missed messages while the account was down.

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