How to set up OneLogin (SSO) in Front

🚩 Caution: Changes to SSO settings can affect all users on your platform and their ability to access Front. Please contact us for assistance before making this transition if you have any questions.


Front supports Single Sign On (SSO) in conjunction with OneLogin. Please follow the instructions below to set up your SSO. We recommend staying signed in an incognito window which will allow you to tweak the configuration if something is incorrect.


Step 1

In OneLogin, you can use the SAML Test Connector (advanced) to add Front as an application. When you select this connector, you can use the name Front.

Step 2

Upload icons and click Save.

Step 3

After saving, you will arrive at a new screen with many tabs at the top. Select the Configuration tab.

Step 4
In Front, go to Settings and click into Preference under the Company section. Then click into the Single Sign On section and scroll down to copy the ACS URL field.

Step 5

In OneLogin, input this for the fields ACS URL Validator and ACS URL. Then Save.

Step 6
Head to the SSO tab in OneLogin and copy your certificate. You can now go back to Front and paste it in the certificate section.

Step 7
Go back to OneLogin in the SSO tab, copy the SAML 2.0 endpoint. Paste this value in the Entry point section of Front.

Step 8

Save your settings in Front.

Once this is done, you can add this app to the role/user in OneLogin and everything should be set up properly.

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