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With offline mode on our desktop app, you can get your important work done even when Front doesn't detect an internet connection. Access the content of your individual inbox, respond to messages, and leave comments for your teammates while you’re offline. Once you’re reconnected, the app will take care of updating and sending everything!

How it works

The Front desktop app needs to be opened and connected to the internet before you go offline. When you have the app open with an active internet connection, this helps cache and store cursory data around the conversations in the inboxes you’re working from. If the internet goes out, you move out of range, or you switch to airplane mode, the app will go into offline mode.

In offline mode, you can continue to work on offline cached conversations in limited capacity. Once the device reconnects to the internet, the app will then send all the actions you performed while offline back to our servers to update the respective conversations.

This all happens automatically, so there is no setting to enable or disable offline mode.

What you can do offline

While offline, you can take the following actions, which will be queued to take effect once you are online again:

  • Open and browse your individual inbox, up to 2000 conversations including Archived
  • Open and browse pinned private tags
  • Draft and send messages
  • Comment and @mention teammates
  • Archive your own conversations
  • Trash your own conversations
  • Set snoozes on your conversations
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from conversations
  • Restart or refresh the app (this can help in cases where a firewall disconnects you from Pusher/WebSockets, but will not help when an internet connection is not available)

What you cannot do offline

  • Add/remove tags
  • Open and browse team inboxes, delegated inboxes, Shared with me section, or Assigned to me section
  • Access plugins
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