Scheduling analytics reports


You can schedule an analytics report to be delivered to you or your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so that they automatically arrive in your inbox.

How to schedule a report

Step 1

Open the analytics report you'd like to schedule a report with. Go to the top right corner of any report, then click on the schedule icon (next to Business hours) to begin scheduling your report. 
Step 2

Fill out the Schedule Report form: 

Enter the email addresses, separated by commas for the email recipients that should receive the scheduled reports via email

Add a subject for the report

Add a message or description you'd like to include in your scheduled report

What to Include: 
Select the analytics data you would like to include in the report. You can check off one, multiple, or all options below to include in your schedule report:

Select how often to send the report: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  • Daily: the report will be delivered every day and will contain the previous 24 hours from 0:00 to 23:59 based on your computer time zone.
  • Weekly: the report will be delivered every Monday and will contain data for the previous 7 calendar days.
  • Monthly: the report will be delivered on the first day of every month and will contain data for the previous calendar month.

Step 3

After filling out the schedule report parameters, click on Schedule to save and schedule your report.

How to update or delete your Schedule Reports

To update or delete a scheduled report, locate the Analytics report you had set up a Schedule Report with. Then click on the scheduling icon on the top right to open your schedule report and edit the parameters.
Click on Update to confirm the changes you made. Click on Delete if you would like to delete the Scheduled Report


Will future email reports thread together? 
No. While the subject line is the same every time, the reports will not thread together on the same email thread.

Can we customize exactly when we will send/receive the scheduled report?
No, not at this time.

Will my changes impact other subscribers of the report?

Yes. The Schedule Report widget on a team report is a shared UI and will show all the other teammates who are currently receiving this report. If you remove their email from the report, then they will stop receiving the report. If you change the settings for the report, then it will change for all recipients. However, if there is no one listed when you open the scheduling widget, then you will not impact anyone.


This feature is available on the Prime plan or above. Some legacy plans with different names may also have this feature.

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