Team performance report


The Team performance report is the ideal place to monitor your team productivity, identify when your team is overloaded, and help you make the right decisions to best serve your customers. You will be able to track both volumes of messages treated as well as response times.

Recommended metrics

To leverage the Team performance report, we recommend looking at the volumes of conversations your teammates work on and also on how fast they are able to respond. 

If you need to look at only 4 metrics, they should be:

  • Conversations touched: how many conversations a teammate interacted with. This is a great indicator of individual workload.
  • Resolved conversations: how many conversations a teammate resolved.
  • Handle time: how long a teammate takes on average to send a response after they view a conversation for the first time. This is a great indicator of productivity from the teammate’s point of view. It represents the time it took to read an incoming inquiry, understand it, write a response, and send it.
  • Average response time: how long it takes to respond from the customer’s point of view, counting the time between the inbound message and the reply.

Anatomy of the Team performance report

Featured metrics

All main metrics are calculated for All teammates:

Conversation graphs

All graph metrics are calculated for All teammates:

Detailed metrics table

*These terms are not displayed on the table by default. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the table to select them to view.

Create a Team performance report

Step 1

Click into Analytics.


Step 2

Click on Team Performance.

Step 3

Use the Add view button to create a new report, and filters to further narrow down specific Inboxes, Channels, Teammates, or Tags.


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