Front-approved SEG: The Email Laundry


The Email Laundry is a secure email gateway (SEG) that protects organizations from ransomware, impersonation, phishing, and other malicious email attacks. It also helps reduce the occurrence of unsolicited, commercial emails also known as spam.

Getting started

Why use The Email Laundry?

Front itself is a client that sits on top of existing email services. Front displays all mail delivered by those services, including spam, so it is important to protect them as best as possible. Since email security has many challenging, domain-specific issues, we recommend using services like The Email Laundry that are solely dedicated to solving these problems.

After reviewing several available SEGs, Front chose to partner with The Email Laundry. The decision to recommend The Email Laundry is based upon its ease of use, support, and features. It also ranks #1 on Gartner Peer Reviews.


In order to use The Email Laundry with Front you will need a few things.

  1. An account with The Email Laundry. Complete this form to start a free trial.
  2. Access to the DNS records for your organization’s domain.

Please know that configuring an SEG to work with your existing email system can cause interruptions to email delivery if not done properly and caution should be taken before modifying the necessary MX records.


Step 1

Create an Inbound Route.

This route will use the server listed currently for your domain’s MX record. You can create multiple Inbound Routes if you have multiple MX servers. The Domain field should match the main domain the MX record covers and the Inbound Route field should match the host listed under the MX record.

Step 2

Update your DNS records.

Add (or update) an SPF (TXT) record to include the following host:

If this is your first SPF record, it should look like the following:

v=spf1 -all

The Email Laundry will NOT work without an SPF record. Change your domain’s MX records to use the hosts contained in your on-boarding PDF from The Email Laundry. They should look something like this:  10  20

No other MX records should be present for your domain. Having additional MX records means that spammers and malicious attackers can bypass The Email Laundry’s servers and deliver email directly to your organization via unsecured mail servers. Front highly recommends against having MX records beyond those provided by The Email Laundry.

Step 3

Your setup is complete. The Email Laundry provides some optional security measures to consider, but they are not necessary to work with Front.

  • Setting a Firewall on your SMTP server. This only works if you run your own SMTP server and not an email service provider (e.g. Google sidebar, Office 365, etc).
  • Configure an Outbound smart host to relay outgoing email through The Email Laundry. You must check with The Email Laundry before doing this.
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