How to block, re-enable, or delete a teammate


If you're an admin, you can change the status of users on your team in your Teammate settings. You have two options: 

  • Block a teammate: This prevents a user from being able to access their Front account, but their data is kept in a reversible state if you want to re-enable their account later.
  • Delete a teammate: This removes them as a user from your account permanently and cannot be reversed.

When you delete a teammate in the app, data from their private inbox (like private conversations and contacts) will be preserved. To delete this private data, you will need to make a teammate deletion request to our Support team. 

When you block or delete teammates, you will also be given a choice to remove the license from your account. By default, if you only choose to block or remove the teammate, there will be no billing impact and that license will remain free for use by future teammates. 

How it works

  • All conversations assigned to them from a shared inbox will be unassigned. Those conversations which were "open" will reappear in the shared inbox Unassigned tab. Conversations which were archived will remain archived, and will be in the Archived tab of the team inbox.
  • You will still be able to see deleted teammate's history, such as comments, and when they worked on a conversation. All conversations associated to their individual inboxes will be left as is.
  • Individual inboxes using Google Workspace or Office365 channels belonging to that teammate will stop receiving new inbound messages. Channels configured to receive messages via forwarding will continue to receive inbound mail. 
  • Analytics: Teammate will no longer be present in any filters in-app. The teammate's historic data will, however, still be present in any overview reports and visible in any exports. The unassigning of their conversations will create an increase in their active conversations metric during that time period. Learn more details here.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select Teammates. Click on the teammate you want to block, re-enable, or delete.

Step 2

Click the Block / Delete section on the teammate's settings page.

Step 3

Choose whether to Block this teammate or Delete this teammate. The teammate will be automatically logged out of Front after you make your selection.

Step 4

You will then be asked to choose whether or not you'd like to remove the license currently in use by the teammate. Delete/Block Only will keep the license on your bill, so that it can be used for another teammate. Delete/Block and Remove License will remove the license from your bill

  • When you remove a license, changes will reflect at the next billing cycle. You will not receive a refund or credit for that license.

  • You will have the license available for use for the remainder of your billing period.


Re-enable a blocked teammate

If you scroll to the bottom of your teammate list you will see a Show blocked teammates button. Blocked teammates will still appear on this list because purging their records entirely would create problems in historical comment threads that include them.

This is also where you go to re-enable a teammate. Click Show blocked teammates, select the teammate, and Enable teammate.

Permanently delete a teammate

If you would like to permanently delete all data associated with a teammate, including their individual inbox, private conversations, and private contacts, please contact our Support team. You cannot do this on your own in the app at this time.

When you make this request, here is the data that will be permanently deleted:

  • Any individual inboxes that teammate created and associated channels
  • All of the conversations and messages associated with their individual inbox(es)
  • All of the private contacts associated with their individual inbox(es)

If the teammate created any team inboxes, those inboxes will not be deleted. Conversations related to the teammate where they replied or commented in team inboxes will not be deleted. 

Step 1

Block the teammate that you want to be permanently deleted following the steps above. You must have admin permissions for the Team that the teammate you want to delete belongs to. We will only permanently delete data for blocked Front teammates in Teams where you are an admin.

Step 2

Fill out a contact form with the subject line “Request to hard delete Teammate: {Teammate email address}”. You must include the email address associated with their Front account.

Step 3

Our Support team will confirm you have the appropriate admin permissions and then will begin the deletion. 

Step 4

Our Support team will reply to your email confirming the teammate’s account has been permanently deleted.

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