Why are my messages threading together?


Are seemingly independent messages being threaded together in one conversation? When it comes to emails and how they work, there are many factors that can lead to this happening.

How Threading Works

At a high-level, every message contains a header that holds unique identifiers for the email provider to parse. The email provider uses these identifiers to figure out what to do with that message, for example, which conversation to thread the message to.

If your messages are being threaded together in Front, the first thing to do is check your email provider.

Check Email Provider

Go into Gmail, Outlook, or whatever email provider you are using and see if those messages are threaded together.

  • If those messages are threaded together in your email provider Front is displaying the message in accordance to your inbox.
  • If those messages are not threaded together in your email provider than check your threading mode in Front.

Why Messages Thread Together

Depending on what system you use to deliver your messages (i.e. email marketing system, your own automated system, or other mass-email systems) replies to the messages you send may thread together if your delivery mechanism does not create a unique message id for each of the messages it's sending out.


Look at what threading mode you have on your Front inbox and update it to reflect how you want your conversations to be threaded. More info here.

If you aren't sure why your conversations are threading together, please email us the conversation ID of the conversation you're having issues with. conversation IDs are located by clicking the three dots at the top of a conversation (to the right of the trash can icon).

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