Configure Domain Login for teammates to join Front automatically


When your teammates sign up for Front, we can automatically detect whether they should join your Front team by their email domain. If you enable Domain Login for a domain, we'll prompt new signups who use an email address matching that domain to join your team in Front.

If you’re an admin for an existing Front company, you can enable or disable this option in your account settings. When enabled, you will be billed automatically for new users who join your company account.

Domain login is enabled by default for new Front companies. You can opt out of domain login when signing up if you do not want teammates to automatically join your company.

How it works

Setting up domain login during sign up

On the Invite Teammates step of the sign up process, you can opt out of domain login by unchecking the checkbox which allows domain login. We recommend enabling domain login so that all your teammates join the same company instead of manually inviting every new teammates or unintentionally creating multiple Front companies.

Managing your domain login settings

You can enable or disable this functionality in your company settings. When enabled, you will be automatically billed for new users who join your Front account.

Step 1 

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Select Preferences under the Company section.

Step 2

Click on the Domain login tab.

Step 3

Disable the first toggle Allow users on your email domain to join plan without an invite to not allow users to automatically join your account. The second toggle, Automatically claim email domains when adding new channels allows you to claim new email domains when adding new shared channels. Gray is disabled, and blue is enabled.

If your company has multiple email domains connected to Front, you can choose which ones to allow using the checkboxes. If you enable the second toggle, domain login on email domains of all new channels will be allowed, and you do not have to manually choose them.

Step 4

Click Save.

Step 5

Now that you've enabled domain login, simply tell your colleagues to sign up at with their work email address, and they'll automatically be added to your team. No manual invitations necessary.  Please note that these sign-ups must be done initially with an email and password, even if they plan to use Google / Office 365 sign-in.

What do new users see?

When a new user signs up for Front, we will show the matching Front company account so that they can confirm whether they’d like to join it. They will also have the option to create a new, separate company account.

If they join your existing company, in the app they can connect their individual work email and see their individual inboxes. An account admin will need to invite them to join shared inboxes, or make them an admin to let them create their own. An admin will also need to verify teammates when they login to confirm they are part of the company.

Verifying domain login teammates

New users who joined with domain login will appear Unverified until an admin verifies them. You can verify them in your company settings.

Step 1 

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Select Teammates under the Company section.

Step 2

Click on an Unverified teammate in the list of teammates.

Step 3

Click Verify Teammate and a prompt will popup. If this teammate is part of your company then click Verify account to verify them.

Step 4

Your teammate is verified and should not have an Unverified status on their account.


Company admins will receive a notification email when new users join their company account, so that they can verify and configure the new teammate’s settings and access.

You will also receive an email invoice from Front adding the new user to your plan. Like when you invite a teammate manually, you will be billed the pro-rated amount for the new user for the remainder of your current billing cycle, and they will automatically be added to your next bill.

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    • CTO @ e-Potek
    • Florian_Bienefelt
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    Helena Li said:
    Turn the first toggle

     I don't have this toggle, what should I do?

    • Support Program Manager
    • Helena_Li
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hi Florian Bienefelt ! You should have this toggle in Front - we are going to send you an email directly to get more information about that, so please look out for an email from!