Teammate activity export


Teammate activity exports allow you to follow the time spent by teammates on Front. You can see on a daily basis how long a specific teammate spent actively using Front, figure out their last login date, etc.


Exports are .csv files containing the following information:

  • Day   
  • Email: email used to invite the teammate in Front
  • Username: user name in Front
  • First name    
  • Last name    
  • License: license type (full/light)
  • Active duration (mins): active time spent in Front on this day by this teammate.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Select Teammates under the Company section, and click on Activity export in the sub-menu.

Step 2

On the Activity export page, you can select your start and end date, generate a new export, see past exports, and download them.


How is the active time calculated?

The active duration starts from the moment you log in and counts the time that you are actively clicking on conversations; you do not need to be drafting or sending replies, but just loading conversations. When you aren't doing any activities or loading conversations, then the timer is not active. In practice, you're active as long as you are clicking around in conversations. Of course, you also need to be connected to the Internet in order for us to count your active duration.

Why is active time a multiple of 5 min? 

A teammate is considered active for a 5 min time window if their app requests to load at least one conversation. As a consequence, all active time are multiple of 5 min.

How can a teammate have no active time?

Teammate activity exports also contain the list of inactive teammates. This includes for instance invited teammates that have not yet logged in. Additionally, time spent on Front iOS and Android apps is not recorded at the moment.

How can I get the last login date for each teammate?

When you export your data in this report select a longer duration of time (for example the last several months) to capture the appropriate window of activity. You can use the data returned to create a pivot table in the software of your choice. The last login will be the "max" date where the teammate had an active duration greater than 0. 


Teammate activity exports are available on the Scale plan or above. Some legacy plans with different names may also have this feature.