How to view my @mentions

Where to find your mentions

All your notifications from teammates in Front will live in your Shared with me section of the Me section of your sidebar. Any time you're @mentioned on a conversation, it will bump to the top of your Shared with me.

Searching for mentions

You can search your inboxes for mentions using some of Front's handy search modifiers.

Search for my mentions

Clicking into the search bar in Front will present you with some helpful, quick search options. Clicking My mentions will search for any conversations where you were mentioned.


Searching for comments from a specific teammate

You can add to the above query by including the teammate: search modifier to also search comments from specific teammates. You can stack search filters to find conversations where you might have been mentioned by a specific teammate.

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  • I'm just trying to get my desktop notifications to work and they're not. I'm using Chrome and I have and as allowed notifying sites in the settings, and I have applied my notification rules to all my inboxes. What is up??

  • Allie Huang Are you getting any notifications at all?  Are you using a Mac or PC?

  • I only seem to be getting @mentions in my notification center, not assignments or activity on followed conversations as suggested above. I see the pop-up for a few seconds, but if I happen to be away from my desk, I see no visual reminder of, say, a new assignment. My settings suggest I should be getting everything. I'm on Windows 10 and using the desktop app. Thanks.

  • Duncan Roy Hey there! At this time, only @mentions show in the notification center. Other notifications will appear on desktop, mobile, or via email.

  • Cori Morris Thanks for the reply. Is that likely to change any time soon, or do you think it will remain as @mentions only? We are currently evaluating Front, and one of the things we are finding a little hard is keeping track of notifications when users aren't sitting at their computer (and therefore seeing pop-ups), as we don't want to use email notifications.

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  • Front Echoing Duncan's question above. It's frustrating to spend time searching for conversations on Front. It seems that if we don't use @mentions,  there's no way to find prior discussions within a shared inbox? Or am I missing something?

  • Liz O'Donnell Duncan's message was referring to our old Notifications center that we no longer support. It sounds like you're struggling to find Discussions within a team inbox. Is that right? If so, you should be able to search for these the same way you search for an email. Can you share your specific case with us at

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