How to enable and use the Intercom plugin


Like other integrations, you need to be an admin in order to enable the Intercom integration.

The Intercom integration allows you to see contextual information about the customer of the current conversation.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select Integrations from the left menu.

Step 2

Select Intercom from the list of integrations. Click to the Settings tab and toggle on Enabled.

Step 3

Then select Sign in to Intercom. Sign into your account, and click Accept.

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  • Does this integration map Front users with Intercom users when messages are answered ?

  • Sébastien Sacard Hi! Yes, that's exactly right.

    • Adam
    • Adam
    • 5 yrs ago
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    The Intercom Integration only seems to put the app inside the sidebar of front.

    I have also added in intercom as a team inbox however it does not appear to map to the user accounts on intercom. This means that all replies from our team using front would come from one person which is not ideal. Am I missing something here?

    I also tried adding it as a personal inbox but when a second user tries to do this they get the error "front has already got an inbox connected to intercom"

    For this to work, we need the front users to map correctly to intercom, which is doesn't seem to be doing at the moment. Any advice?

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  • Cori Morris Hi, it seems I have the same behavior as Adam states bellow. The integration does not map the app users between Intercom and Front. It does map the end users, but not the user of the app itself. 

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  • Sébastien Sacard & Adam,

    Apologies for the confusion. You should only need one Intercom inbox in Front, set up as a team inbox (this is the typical case). If you set it up as an individual inbox, that's okay, but you would want to give others access to this inbox in order for them to reply. You can't set up the same Intercom inbox twice in one account.

    The Intercom integration is different from the Intercom inbox. The integration allows you to see information about the customer you're having a conversation with. The inbox allows you to answer your customers inquiries from Front, saving you time from logging in to Intercom, You can also access Front's features when replying to your Intercom messages. In order for replies from your teammates to show their name, they need to be set up as an Intercom user as well. Not just a Front user.

    If you both are still having issues, please email us so we can look into your specific accounts and help you get set up.

  • Hi, we use Intercom Inbox and wanted to map answer written in Front with one Intercom user. The Integration parameters seems to have mapped the correct user, but when someone answers on Front, the message is sent from an incorrect Intercom user.

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