Tag report


The Tag report is where you can see what types of requests are coming in, monitor complex processes involving tags, and leverage the flexibility of tags and automation in Front. You can also choose to look at metrics for a given tag even after it's been removed from a conversation.

Recommended metrics

To leverage the Tag report, we recommend that you first think about what you want to analyze. Are the tags that interest you still on conversations (This conversation has the billing tag because it is about billing) or have they been removed (This conversation was tagged urgent but we removed it after handling it)? The Tag report is able to track both, depending on how you set it up.

If you need to look at only 3 metrics, they should be:

  • % active conversations: What part of the traffic was labeled with a specific tag. Ideal for understanding the reason behind your inbound traffic.
  • Average tag duration: How long a tag was on the conversation before being removed. This is how you can see that conversations are tagged with Urgent for 2 hours on average and that you need to handle them faster.
  • Replies to resolve: How many replies it takes to resolve a conversation. You can identify which kinds of conversations are hard to resolve and focus on making them easier (using canned responses, for instance).

Anatomy of the Tag report

Featured metrics

All main metrics are calculated for All conversations (even those without tags):

Conversation graphs

All graph metrics are calculated for All teammates:

Detailed metrics table


*These terms are not displayed on the table by default. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the table to select them to view.

Current tags vs. removed tags

When creating or editing a Tag report, you can choose to compute metrics based on Tags currently on conversation; or Tags that have been on conversation at some point, but could have been removed since.

Let's take the example of Conversation A. Conversation A is tagged with two tags: Billing request and Urgent. After being handled, the tag Urgent is removed. If your report is built with Compute using tags currently on conversation, Conversation A will only be counted for the tag Billing request. If your report is built with Compute using tags that have been on conversation, it will be counted both for the tag Billing request (it had and still has the tag) and Urgent (it has since been removed).

Create a Tag report

Step 1

Click into Analytics.

Step 2

Click on the + button to create a new report.

Step 3

Under the Type dropdown, select Tag.

Step 4

Use filters to further narrow down specific Inboxes, Channels, TeammatesTags.

Step 5

Using the Compute using dropdown, select how you want the report to be computed:  based on tags that are currently on a conversation or that have been on a conversation at some point but could have been removed by now.

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