Allow all participants to reply in a conversation


Channels in shared inboxes have an All teammates can reply option. This is turned off by default. When turned off, only teammates with access to that shared inbox can reply with, or send new messages from, that channel.

If turned on, any participant of a conversation using this channel can reply using this channel, regardless of if they have access to the inbox where the channel lives. However, only teammates with access to the inbox where this channel lives can start a new conversation using this channel.

This is a channel-level setting and can be applied to any type of channel in a shared inbox.


Follow the steps below to enable All teammates can reply for a shared channel.

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Click Inboxes in the left sidebar under your Workspace name.

Step 2

Select the shared inbox that contains your channel, and go to the Channels section for that inbox.

Step 3

Click on the channel to expand its settings. Toggle on All teammates can reply.

Step 4

Click Save.


Can this be applied to individual inboxes?

This option is not available for any channels in private inboxes. The setting is only available for channels in shared inboxes.

Does this affect inbox access?

Enabling All teammates can reply for a shared channel does not affect teammates' access to that inbox overall. A teammate will still need to be an explicit member of the shared inbox in order to view all conversations within that inbox.

Can participants just send a reply from a different channel?

This depends on the channel type. The All teammates can reply option is particularly useful for channel types where you cannot change the reply channel (i.e. From address) when replying to a message. This helps ensure that all participants in a conversation are able to send outbound replies in that conversation.