How to reset/fix your time zone in Front


The Front time zone pulls from your computer's time zone. If you change locations to a different time zone, it's possible that you won't see the change reflected in Front. If you're not seeing your time zone correctly reflected in Front, follow the steps below to set the correct time zone.


Here's how you can update your time zone:

Step 1

On your computer, change the time zone to a different one. Wait a few minutes, then change it back to your correct time zone. Restart Front to see if the correct time zone has applied. If not, continue next steps.

Step 2

Change to a different time zone again. Restart your computer to ensure the new time zone applies.

Step 3

Change the time zone back again to the correct time zone. Make sure that the Front app is not open.

Step 4

Restart your computer once more.

Step 5

Open Front again. Your correct time zone should be applied!