How to enable and use the HubSpot integration


The HubSpot integration in the app switcher allows you to display, create, and edit customer records from your HubSpot CRM that match the open message in Front.

If you’d like to sync HubSpot contacts or companies into Front, see the articles below:

You must have Front company admin permissions to set up the integration.

How it works

If the sender has a matching email or SMS contact in HubSpot, the contact details will be displayed in the HubSpot integration in Front. You can display any default or custom fields for these four default objects in your HubSpot plugin in Front:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Engagements (notes, tasks, etc.)

You can also use rules to log messages in HubSpot as activities on the related contact record. Using rules, only emails will be logged — texts, tweets, or other message types will not be sent to HubSpot.

Enable the integration

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select App store from the left menu.

Step 2

Select HubSpot from the list of integrations. Click See details, then click Enable app.

Step 3 

Click Link company HubSpot account.

Step 4

Enter your HubSpot account login credentials in the popup window.

Step 5

Click Save to finish enabling the HubSpot integration.

How to use the plugin

You can now display contact information from your HubSpot CRM directly in Front. Open the right pane by clicking on the HubSpot icon located in the app switcher on the right.

Front will use the message sender’s email address or phone number to display the related contact record from HubSpot. You can also use the contact switcher to choose the contact you'd like to view. If there is no related contact, you can create one. 

You can use the other buttons to create or edit Contact fields and Companies, Deals, or Engagements related to that contact, and the changes will be instantly synced to HubSpot.

Front's HubSpot integration also supports custom fields. To update an object card and manage which fields are made visible, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the integration. Simply expand the card and check the box next to the field you want to be displayed in the main integration view.

Log message in HubSpot rule 

You can create a rule to automatically log messages into HubSpot. Team rules will apply to team conversations and private rules will apply to private conversations.

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company or Personal settings tab, depending on whether you'd like to log team conversations or private conversations. Click Rules in the left menu.

Step 2

Create the rule using the compatible triggers, and make sure the action is Log message in HubSpot. If there is no HubSpot contact related to the message, the message will not be logged.


What does this permissions error mean?

Users may receive an error that they do not have sufficient permissions to log in to the HubSpot integration in Front, like this:

If this happens, the admin will need to enable all default permissions for the Contacts, Sales, and Marketing categories for all users. Of particular note, users need editing rights enabled for them in order to sign in and use the HubSpot integration.

Does the rule only log to contacts?

Yes, the HubSpot rule logs the message to a contact. If you need it to log to a deal, a company, or other, you will need to log into HubSpot and associate it accordingly, as shown here.

Does the rule work with all triggers?

No, a rule with the action Log message to Hubspot works with specific When triggers. The compatible When triggers are: 

  • Inbound message is received
  • Outbound message is sent (new conversation)
  • Outbound reply is sent (existing conversation)
  • New comment is added
  • Teammate is mentioned

Does the integration populate the Activity assigned to property?

We don't populate the Activity assigned to property, so activities will show as unassigned in HubSpot. We only populate Activity Created By, and that would log to the user who enabled the HubSpot integration in Front.

This feature is available on the Growth plan or above. Some legacy plans with different names may also have this feature.

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    • Max Nucci
    • Max_Nucci
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hello there, this does not seem to be working with Twilio SMS


    Am I missing something?

  • Max Nucci Hi! Currently we only look up the contact by email address. If the Twilio number has an associated email address in your Contact Manager, Front will look it up by the email address and match it that way in HubSpot.

    • Max Nucci
    • Max_Nucci
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Thanks Cori Morris I tried this and works some of the time. I have some sample bugs that I can provide.

  • Max Nucci Sure! I see you sent them to us via email. I will take a look :-)

  • The oauth method seems to be depreciated?  When i try to integrate, this is the pop-up that i get. You may need to upgrade to allow this to connect.

  • Jeff - POW! Thanks for reporting this issue. We're working on a fix, but it may take a few days. I'll let you know when the fix is live. 

    Like 2
  • Cori Morris +1 -- we're having the same issue. Looking forward to the fix.

    Like 1
  • Christian Rodriguez & Jeff - POW! 

    The integration has been fixed. Please retry!

  • Hi!

    I just tested it, and unfortunately, it's working with outbound and inbound messages but not with the #hubspot in the comments. Can you help me with that ?

  • Jean-Baptiste Ronssin Hi there,

    We'd be happy to help troubleshoot this. Please email us the name of the rule and send over a Conversation ID for a conversation where the rule should have triggered but didn't. That will help us investigate further.

  • Hi Cori,

    Is it possible to add a "View in Hubspot" link to the widget, so that you can quickly view the CRM record in Hubspot? Would save a lot of time.

    • Kenji Hayward
    • Head of Customer Support
    • Kenji_Hayward
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hi Max, in the plug-in side panel, click on the email address of the contact, they should go directly to hubspot. thanks!

  • This is great! Thanks Kenji Hayward !

  • I'm a little disappointed with this integration.  I setup the logging rule, but all it does is copy the email (both to and from) hubspot.  There is no link back to the original conversation (which, imho, is the real power of front - conversation linking)
    It would be much better if it "logged" each thread with the subject and link to the front conversation.  Maybe even create a tag in hubspot as well?

  • I think it would be great if the fields under contact, companies and deals would allow checkboxes on multi select items.

    This is in hubspot.


    At the current moment it only allows you to select one item.


    This is in fronts hubspot plugin.


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    • Marlow
    • Marlow
    • 3 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Is there any plan to support updating sms activity on Hubspot as well? We work with our customers primarily by text, so without that there's no way to tell the true last activity date on Hubspot. 

    Also, currently we can't update a Hubspot record from Front because the email address field is required (but we don't have an email address for the contact). Is there any way to disable this?

  • Marlow Right now Front's Hubspot integration supports email lookup only. We do have plans to support SMS lookup in the future, and we'll be sure to update this article when that feature does become available

  • Hi ! Is it possible to set a default display of the Contact/Company/Deal properties for everyone in the team ? 

  • Hi, 

    What is the best way to deal with ticketing ?

    We use HubSpot to follow our tickets but with this integration, we only see the leads funnel. Thanks !

    • Helena Liadmin
    • Support Program Manager
    • Helena_Li
    • 2 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hi Angelo Blot ! I think the best way to address your specific case would be if you emailed us at with your use case so that we can look at your account setup, plan, and address your questions. We can pick up the conversation from there!

  • I can't get this to log. It's all set up as per the guide. But emails simply not logging in hubspot. Any suggestions?

  • Hi, 
    My company has two hubspot accounts. One is already enabled within front, however, I need to enable the other. How do I connect both? Is someone able to please instruct me on how to do this by emailing me at
    Thank you!

  • Shannen Bradford I've reached out to you via email, but to confirm, at this time it is not possible to connect more than one instance of HubSpot to your Front account. 

  • Is ee that this is logging emails, but does it also drop HubSpot's tracking pixel?  I can see the emails in the system, but it doesn't show any tracking.

  • Devyn Bellamy Hi there, Front's HubSpot integration does not use HubSpot's tracking pixel. Front has a separate tracking feature.

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