Messages Export

Term: Messages Export
Meaning One of three report options when exporting data. Organized by messages, with one line per message and its corresponding details

Report Dashboard

Calculation N/A
Example Export data to further analyze in Excel or a business intelligence tool

The exported file will contain one line per message received in the time period you selected. Below is an explanation of each column in your CSV.

  1. Message ID: (Deprecated) Internal Front ID of the message
  2. Conversation ID: (Deprecated) Internal Front ID of the conversation
  3. Segment: Segment of the conversation
  4. DirectionInbound or Outbound
  5. Status: Current status of the conversation: Archived or Open
  6. Inbox: Name of the inbox where the message currently lives. If the message appeared in multiple inboxes, the activity will appear one time for each inbox value.
  7. Message date: Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss, in the requested user's timezone
  8. Reaction time: Time (in seconds) taken to assign/reassign an inbound message to another teammate (not to self), send a reply, or archive
  9. Resolution time: Duration (in seconds) that a contact was kept waiting for a reply from the team during a conversation segment
  10. Handle time: Duration (in seconds) between opening a conversation and sending a reply
  11. Response time: Duration (in seconds) between an inbound message and the next outbound message in the same conversation
  12. Attributed to: Username of the teammate involved, if any (if the teammate archived the conversation but didn't reply)
  13. Assignee: Username of the teammate who was the assignee for this conversation
  14. Autoreply: Indicates whether this message is an automated reply, 1 is yes, 0 is no
  15. Author: Username of the teammate who replied to the email
  16. Contact name: Contact's first & last name
  17. Contact handle: Contact's email address, twitter handle, or phone number (depending on the source of the message)
  18. Final resolution: Indicates whether this event is an the last resolution of a segment, 1 is yes, 0 is no. If the conversation receives a new inbound, a resolution can stop being the final resolution for this segment.
  19. To: Email address of the recipient
  20. CC: Email address of those CC'ed on the email
  21. BCC: Email address of those BCC'ed on the email
  22. Extract: Sample of the message body (200 character limit)
  23. Tags: Tags currently attached to the conversation
  24. Message API ID: External Front ID of the message
  25. Conversation API ID: External Front ID of the conversation
  26. New conversation: Indicates whether this message is the first of a new conversation or segment, 1 is yes, 0 is no
  27. First response: Indicates whether this message is the first reply to a new inbound conversation or segment, 1 is yes, 0 is no
  28. Replies to resolve: Number of replies to inbound messages that exist in a resolved segment. Multiple outbound replies sent in a row will only count once as a reply
  29. Business hours: Indicates whether the message occurred within business hours, 1 is yes, 0 is no
  30. Subject: Subject of the conversation
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