How to print an email or save as PDF


For instances where you need a physical record of an email, you can print a specific message or an entire thread from Front. 

Printing an individual message

To print a specific message in a conversation, click the message options menu in the top right corner of the message and select Print.

By default, this will also print the whole history from the email thread. To see the history, click on the 3 dots on the bottom left corner of that message to expand the message history.

Printing an entire conversation

To print an entire conversation, click the options menu at the top of the conversation and select Print.

Saving as PDF

After selecting Print on a conversation, a prompt will appear with your computer printing options.

  • On Front's desktop app, click on PDF and select Save as PDF 
  • On Front's web browser version, you will see the print destination options. Change the destination to Save as PDF and then click Save



  • Printing is not supported on mobile (and iOS devices like the iPad)
  • Internal comments are not included when printing or saving as PDF
  • When printing Chat or SMS conversations, there's no way to print a specific message from the chat conversation (it will print the entire conversation)
  • You cannot exclude attachments when printing or saving as PDF
  • Printing a whole conversation is limited to 100 messages on email conversations, and 500 messages for all other message types.
  • Only PDF attachments can be printed in conversations
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  • How do I stop it opening my web browser to print? Can it not print via the app directly to my printer?

  • Graham Craig Sowerby As of right now, there's no way to print via the app.

  • Is there a way to print just the last message instead of the entire conversation (including multiple replies back/forth).    ie. the last message of 2 pages may be a recap of the final terms agreed after a long conversation, and only this last recap message needs to be printed, but 'print' seems to print 20pages of conversations.

  • tommy At this time, there's no way to print just the last message. You can select the message options menu in the top right corner of the message and select Print message, but you'll still see the previous messages as they are quoted. As a workaround, you could only print page 1. Hope that helps!

  • Has there been any improvement on this to just print the last message? We are looking to print in a format closer to Outlook

  • Hi Bob Jack 

    We don't have any updates regarding printing at this time, as the team is working on some major improvements to the app that I'm sure you'll really enjoy. In the meantime, the web app does allow you to select certain text to be printed. We'll update you when there is news about the print function!

  • Hi Helena,

    Can you advise how to select certain text to be printed in the web app? We have tried several ways to print. When we print, we can end up with 20-30 pages or sometimes more and a lot of time we just need a certain part of the email chain.

    Thank you for your help,


  • Hi Kim Spilker 

    On the webapp, you can select (highlight) certain text, right click, and click Print to only print the selection. On both webapp and desktop app, you can also click the "..." on the top of the email, click Print conversation, then define certain pages you want to print instead of printing all 30 pages. Hope that helps!

  • Is there a way to format the way the emails look? We don't want our Front email tags to show up on emails if we need to print the emails or save as PDF because we don't want the clients to have our tags show up on the emails.

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