Team Analytics Report

Term: Team Analytics Report
Meaning Custom report filtered by any combination of inboxes, channels, teammates, and tags showing team performance.
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Go into your Analytics and select the + sign on the left side under your team name. 


Step 2

You will be prompted to name your report and select your filters using the dropdown menus. You can choose as many options in each category as you like. 

Inboxes: Select the inboxes you would like included in the report. If you have different response time or volume goals for inboxes for various teams — like support, sales, or operations — you can create reports using each team’s inboxes to track those goals separately.


Channels: Select the channels you would like included in the report. If you have channels of the same type (like email or Chat) in multiple inboxes, you can now group them together in one report, while still keeping them separate for your workflow. You can also track performance for different channel types in one inbox separately.


Teammates: Select teammates to filter results to only conversations that have ever been assigned to these teammates. Managers can track performance of their team members in a particular inbox, or across all the inboxes they work in. This helps managers remove noise caused by other people participating in the inbox.


Tags: use the dropdown options to filter conversations by specific tags or tag combinations

  • Any tags (all conversations) - all conversations with or without tags
  • Includes any selected tag - conversations with at least one of your chosen tags 
  • Includes all selected tags - only conversations with all of your chosen tags
  • [No tags] - only untagged conversations

Step 3

Once your report is set up, you'll be able to view metrics for the specific filters you applied.


When you filter by tags, the Conversations tab and exports will also display other tags associated with those conversations. For example, if a conversation is tagged with A , B, and C, and you filter your report for tag A , your export and Conversations tab will also show B  and C. 

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FAQ Like integrations, you need to be an admin in order to access analytics. If you'd like to create an individual analytics report with your own data, then create an individual analytics report.
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