Sequences sending limit

Front’s sequences allow you to automate outreach and communications to a group of people. 

Currently, Front allows you to send a single sequence to up to 200 recipients.

Because you can send numerous sequences per day, we want to strongly advise you to not over-send. Each provider (Gmail, Office 365, etc) has sending limits, so the amount that you’ll be able to send will depend on your provider. If you start to see failure notices, it’s most likely due to your provider’s sending limit. Unfortunately, Front can't guarantee that everything will be sent properly in these cases. We do have a mechanism for retrying a sequence if it fails, but some limits are strict and do not allow us to move further.

If you want to send a larger volume, it's highly recommended that you set up a custom SMTP inbox to send from.

This will not result in a raised recipient limit for a single sequence, however it may allow you to successfully send multiple sequences in parallel, which is not possible with providers such as Gmail and Office365 due to their sending limits.

You can re-use sequences, so if you do hit your max halfway through sending, wait 24 hours and restart the sequence.

Remember that these sending limits are also true for regular emails. If you reach your limit with sequences, you will also be blocked from replying to emails that come in to the inbox that has reached the limit.

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  • using custom smtp overwrites the 200 limit?

  • Guillermo Dewey Yes!

  • It would be great if Front allowed scheduling a larger sequence, say to 400 contacts, but with an option to specify an hourly limit (for example 25 emails/hour) in order to accommodate the requirements of various providers.

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  • Is there a way to send emails to a group of recipients with a specific tag?  We use tags to sort emails by interest and would love to be able to quickly send an email sequence to all contacts who sent an email that we labeled with a particular tag.

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  • Nathan McMillan Not at this time, but I'd be happy to share this as a feature request!

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  • Guillermo Dewey I wouldn't say it overwrites it... Instead it moves sending away from your gmail/gsuits/office 365, on to whoever you choose as your smtp provider. Which will have their own limits, however likely much more and something you could probably upgrade at your smtp provider to buy even more sending capacity.


    Correct me if im wrong please please :)

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  • Chris Correct. Switching to Custom SMTP does not result in a recipient limit of more than 200 recipients per sequence, but it may give you more control over your sending limits than you would have if sending via a Gmail channel

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