How to enable and use the Nicereply integration


The Nicereply integration allows you to get feedback on the interactions you have with customers in Front.

Like other integrations, you need to be an admin in order to enable the Nicereply integration.


Nicereply is our integration partner who has built the platform, so please see their instructions on how to integrate with Front.


If you are having issues implementing or using Nicereply, please check out their help center or reach out to Nicereply support at


If you'd like to customize the appearance of your Nicereply signature, you can go into NiceReply > CSAT > Survey and Email Templates to copy code snippets into your signature.

If you want to control exactly how your signature looks, you can switch to "Raw" mode while editing your signature. For example, {{nicereply.survey}} will expand to:

<br> <strong>How helpful was my reply?</strong> <br> <a style="margin-right:10px;" href="{{nicereply.awesome_url}}" target="_blank"><img alt="Awesome" src=""></a> <a style="margin-right:10px;" href="{{nicereply.nice_url}}" target="_blank"><img alt="Nice" src=""></a> <a href="{{nicereply.boo_url}}" target="_blank"><img alt="Boo!" src=""></a><br>