How to set up session timeout for idle users


When you set session idle timeout period, Front will automatically log idle users out of the app after that delay. This can be an important security measure to make sure unauthorized users cannot access your Front instance, or when users are sharing computers.

This setting is specifically for the Front desktop app, or when using Front from a web browser. Even if you enable Session idle timeout, Front will not log users out of mobile apps (as users rarely share mobile devices, and mobile devices are also protected by screen lock).

You must be a Front company admin to manage this setting.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, then go to the Preferences section. 

Step 2

In the General tab, find the Session idle timeout setting and pick your desired time window from the dropdown menu.

For example, if you pick 15 minutes, then Front will automatically log out users that are inactive for 15 minutes on the web or desktop. If you pick Never, Front will never automatically log users out, no matter how long they're idle.

Step 3

Click Save.