Front's API rate limit


To improve performance and prevent abuse of our API, Front has two rate limits, global and burst. 

Global rate limits

The global rate limit is the combined limit of requests across all public API endpoints.  By default, Front's API rate limits start at 50 requests per 60 seconds and depends on the pricing plan your company is on. For example, customers with the Scale plan have a default rate limit of 200 requests per 60 seconds. Contact your account manager to discuss increasing your rate limit beyond the default amounts.

Note that API requests made by a partner integration on behalf of a company via OAuth have a separate rate limit of 120 rpm (enforced on a per-company basis). This means that API requests made by integrations you install will not count against your rate limit, unless you have manually provided one of your API tokens to the integration.

Burst rate limits

Some resource-intensive endpoints are also subject to additional "burst" rate-limiting to prevent strain on Front's infrastructure. Generally, there is a limit of 5 calls per second, per resource type (except for exports, which is 1 per second). A resource is an API endpoint that has an ID like:


In the example above, there is a limit of 5 requests per second enforced at the channel level. You will receive X-RateLimit headers in the responses of your API calls letting you know how close you are to exceeding your rate limit.

For the complete list of endpoints subject to burst rate limits, see our developer documentation

Additional resources

Further technical details of Front's API rate limit can be found in our developer documentation.

If you need to increase your API rate limit, please consider purchasing a higher plan tier, or contact to discuss strategies for optimizing your API usage.