Understanding your invoice


Front has two options for billing frequencies — monthly or yearly. Both plans require payment upfront, and yearly plans offer additional savings to your team. You can change your billing frequency in your Billing settings.

How to read invoices

Upon subscribing to a Front plan, you will immediately be charged, and your billing date will be set: either every month from that day on, or every year from that day on.

Adding teammates or add-ons

When you add teammates to your Front account, we will charge you for a pro-rated amount for the remainder of that month or year. You won't receive a bill immediately though. To keep your inbox tidy and invoices simple, Front will aggregate all charges for new users in a given month, and send one consolidated bill your way. If you are typically billed annually, you will still receive these additional invoices monthly to reflect any new users that have been added in the prior month. However, if you make changes to your plan or add-ons, those changes will be billed immediately.

In the example below, you can see that the number of users on this plan increased from 15 to 18 users on June 10. The date range and price is pro-rated to be for the remainder of their yearly plan.

Adding WhatsApp channels

Similar to other add-ons, when you add a WhatsApp channel to your Front account, we will charge you a pro-rated amount for the remainder of that month or year. The fee and conversation total you purchase will be pro-rated based on the remainder of your current billing cycle.

In the example below, a customer on an annual term running from Jan 1 through Dec 31, purchases 3 add-ons throughout their subscription term:

Purchase date

Purchase amount

Payment amount

Number of conversations purchased

Jan 1

1 add-on

$840 ($70 * 12 months)

12,000 convos (1,000 for 12 months)

Jul 1

+1 add-on

$420 ($70 * 6 months)

+6,000 for 6 months, prorated

Dec 1

+1 add-on

$70 ($70 * 1 month)

+1,000 for 1 month, prorated

Year 1

Total 3 add-ons


19,000 purchased in Year 1

At renewal

Total 3 add-ons


36,000 available at renewal

Removing teammates or add-ons

When licenses or add-ons are downgraded or removed, you will not receive a refund or credit for that license, or unused time on the add-on. Instead, you will have the additional license or add-on available for use for the remainder of the renewal period. 


Please see our pricing page for more information about plan features and pricing for Front's current plans.