How to enable and use the Delighted integration


The Delighted integration allows you to identify growth opportunities from Front using the Net Promoter Score System.

Note: The Delighted integration must be used with a Front inbox that contains at least one email channel. If you connect the integration to an empty inbox that does not contain a channel, you will receive an error and Delighted will be unable to post messages to the inbox.

You must have Front company admin permissions to set up the integration.


Step 1

Log in to your account via the Delighted website. In Delighted, click Settings, Integrations, and choose the Front app.

Step 2

Click Connect to Front.

Step 3

Authorize Delighted to connect to Front.

Step 4

Add rules to create messages in Front.

Step 5

Click Save & turn on.

Your integration is now turned on. Your teams can view all customer scores and feedback gathered by Delighted within Front.

How it works

The scores and feedback from Delighted will appear in Front in multiple ways:

  • A new message will appear in your inbox when a score and feedback is given

  • The message will be auto-tagged with delighted promoterdelighted passive, or delighted detractor

  • The score and feedback will appear in the Notes section of the contact details

  • A contact list will be created for Delighted Promoters, Delighted Passives, or Delighted Detractors