Front's Data Hosting Center Policy

Understanding and Selecting a Data Hosting Center Location

Front utilizes Amazon Web Services as its primary cloud service provider and gives customers the option to select a primary data hosting location for Customer Data in the following regions: United States (US) or European Economic Area (EEA). If you do not designate a primary data hosting location then Front may choose the location for your data center.

Following selection of a chosen region, Customer Data may be hosted outside of the chosen region to the extent described in this article and Customer Data may be otherwise processed in countries and territories outside of the chosen location as reasonably necessary to provide the Services or as otherwise described in the most recent Front Subscription Services Agreement (SSA) and Privacy Notice. All capitalized terms used in this article but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in Front’s SSA available here.

Selecting Your Region

Customers select a region (US or EEA) by contacting their account representative or by contacting Front customer support. If you do not properly select a region, Front may migrate your Account to another region for performance optimization purposes and otherwise makes no commitments regarding the hosting location of Customer Data.

Account Moves

If you have an existing account where the region was not selected by you and then choose a different region, Front may need to migrate your existing Account and Customer Data to the chosen location. To accomplish this move Front will make a copy of your Customer Data for the purposes of assuring that all relevant Customer Data has been fully migrated successfully to the chosen location. After the migration process has been completed and confirmed, deletion of the copy of Customer Data in the former location will commence under Front’s Data Deletion Policy available here.

Backups and Logs

Backups and audit logs of Customer Data (“Backups and Logs”) are hosted in the chosen region. Backups and Logs may be otherwise processed outside of the EEA and the US in accordance with the policies below. 


The Processing of Customer Data is performed as necessary to provide the Service, and all members of the Front Group and Sub Processors are subject to strict technical and organizational measures to protect Customer Data that is processed by them. Processing of Customer Data by a member of the Front Group or our authorized Sub Processor may include storage (that is incidental to the purpose of such processing) in other regions, countries and territories for a limited period of time. Front’s Sub Processor list and policy can be found here.

Third Party Services

If you choose to integrate with or otherwise enable Third Party Services (Non-Front Services), Customer Data may be shared with the providers (and sub processors) of these Non-Front Services, including third-party applications that integrate with the Front Service through apps and other integrations.