How to enable and use the Forumbee integration


Forumbee provides branded community forums for customer discussions, feedback, support articles, and more. This integration brings your Forumbee knowledge base to your fingertips in Front, so you can search your Forumbee community topics and articles and easily add links to them in your emails.

You must have Front company admin permissions to set up the integration.


Browse and search articles

Click through your Forumbee categories or use the search bar to find content to add to your message.

View article content

Access your article content directly in the plugin, or view the full article in a new window.

Insert article links and content into the composer

Click Insert article or any plus (+) signs to add the article link to your message. You can also highlight content and click Insert to quickly paste it into the composer.


Follow Forumbee’s setup guide to get started.

Forumbee developed and maintains this integration, so if you have any questions please reach out to their team at


This feature is available on all plans.