How to enable and use the Pipedrive integration


The Pipedrive integration allows you to bring information about your leads and contacts into Front — it's like having your CRM in your inbox. The integration will match your Pipedrive customers in Front based on phone number or email.

Keep records updated in real time, and get the context you need on every conversation before you reply. You can also use rules to log Front activities to Pipedrive automatically.

You must have Front company admin permissions to set up the integration.


Admin steps

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right, then select company settings in the left sidebar. Select App store from the left menu.

Step 2

Select Pipedrive from the list of integrations. Click See details, then click Enable app to enable the integration.

Step 3

Click Sign into Pipedrive and authorize the app.

Step 4

Retrieve your Pipedrive Subdomain by logging in to the Pipedrive website.

Step 5

In the settings, select Company settings, and Company domain to find your Subdomain.

Step 6

Copy and paste your subdomain into Front. Click Save to finish enabling the Pipedrive integration.

End-user steps

Step 1

Select Pipedrive from the app switcher.

Step 2

Click Sign in, and log into Pipedrive. Each user will need to sign into Pipedrive themselves to begin using the integration.

Recommended user permissions

The Front integration respects the permissions you set for the user in Pipedrive. For example, if a user is not permitted to see a company contact record, that record will not be shown to them in Front. 

Below is a recommended set of permissions to allow users to fully utilize the Pipedrive integration. You can set permissions for users by selecting Manage Users in your Pipedrive settings, then the Permission sets tab. Add permissions as needed for each permission set. 

Using the integration

View and update records

With the Pipedrive integration enabled, you can now display and update information about your contacts, deals, and activities directly in Front. 

Open a conversation in Front, and you'll be able to see information about the contact in Pipedrive. The links will take you to the respective pages in the Pipedrive interface.

If that contact isn't in Pipedrive yet, you will see a button in the plugin to Create Person. After you create the contact, you will see additional options to create more activities, organization, and deals. In the case that an object is not visible to you, contact an owner or follower and have them add you as a follower — it will appear when the page reloads. 

Manage displayed fields

You can manage which fields are shown in the integration by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the Pipedrive sidebar plugin.

When you expand each object card, you'll see a list of available fields. Select the fields you want to have displayed before saving. The integration does support custom fields for Persons, Companies, and Deals.

Sign out

Need to sign out? Click the same gear icon in the top right of the plugin, and click Sign out at the bottom of the panel.

Logging activities to Pipedrive using rules

Step 1

Create a new shared rule, and choose your desired When and If conditions.

Step 2

For your Then condition, Create activity in Pipedrive as the action. This will add the content of the message as a new activity associated to the contact, assuming this contact exists.

If your integration credentials are rejected by Pipedrive, these rules will fail and give you a message saying "Pipedrive login rejected. A company admin must update the credentials in Settings > Integrations > Pipedrive." When this happens, you will see the errors shown below in Front. To fix these errors, a company admin will need to update the integration credentials used in your Pipedrive integration settings in Front.


This feature is available on the Growth plan or above. Some legacy plans may also have this feature.