Manage multiple domains in Front


If your company has multiple domains, then you can manage all of them under the same Front account!

For example, your company may own the domains as well as If you have email addresses for both these domains, you're able to manage all of them within one Front instance.

Read on for more information on managing email addresses from multiple domains.

How it works

Set up inbox

You can always create separate inboxes for each separate email address, but you are also able to add multiple channels with different domains to the same inbox. See here for more information on adding more than one channel to an inbox.

Choose sending channels

Once you've set up your inboxes, if an inbox has multiple channels, then the default From address will be the channel that comes first alphabetically.

When sending a reply to an inbound message, we will default to replying with the address that the inbound message was sent to.

See here for information on changing the From address in the composer.

Note: The behaviors above differ if the teammate composing the message has set a default channel in their preferences.

Configure deliverability settings

If you manage multiple domains in Front, each domain will be listed separately in your Deliverability settings. You will set up SPF/DKIM records for each domain separately. For more information on deliverability settings, check out this article.


Is there a limit to the number of domains I can manage in Front?

No, you can manage as many domains as you'd like.

Note: Though there's no limit on the number of domains you can manage in Front, you may be limited by the number of shared channels allowed by your plan.

What if my company changes domains?

Check out this article for more information on how to handle a domain name change in Front.


This feature is available on all plans.