A guide for transitioning to Front


Ready to invite your team into Front? Follow this checklist to make sure everything is ready for your team to jump in and hit the ground running. We know change can be hard, but following these steps will set your team up for success!

Preparing for your transition

What you should think about when it comes to managing change

Take a minute to think through these 4 key areas for a successful rollout to your users.


  • What communication channels do you have access to in order to share this change?

  • How do you plan to communicate this to the company/teams that will be impacted?


  • What other company milestones or events might impact rollout?

  • Are these milestones or events that you need to plan around? If so, how?

Role Models: 

  • Who in your network can support the initiatives and spread the word?

  • Who can be a good influence and encourage change amongst the end-users?


  • Who in your network might be resistant to change?

  • Why may they be resistant to change? What can you do to help these individuals?

Phases of change

Every successful Front launch starts with the acronym ADKAR. Keep in mind the phases of change that you and your team will go through that can impact adoption. 


  • Is the team aware of why this change needs to happen? 

  • Example: Our process is really broken, and it’s impacting our customer’s experience negatively.


  • Is there a desire to support change and take action?

  • Example: Our process isn’t working very well, and I really want to find a better way to do what we are doing.


  • Does the team have the knowledge of how to make this change happen? Is there a clear path or plan to initiating this change?


  • Does the team know how to make this change in their day-to-day? Do they know how to use the platform? Have they received training? Do they know what actions they need to take?


  • Do you have reinforcement to make the change stick? How will you respond to questions or pushback around this change?

Implementing your transition

Setting up your inboxes

  1. I’ve added shared inboxes for my team to manage messages together.

  2. I’ve added channels to shared inboxes.

  3. I’ve built shared tags to organize messages.

  4. I’ve created message templates for my team to choose from.

  5. I’ve built shared rules to automate work.

  6. I’ve created shared signatures for my team to use to sign off.

Communicating with your team about the change 

  1. I’ve sent an email introducing Front to my team leads.

  2. I’ve sent an email introducing Front to my end-users.


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