Customize when conversations bump up


Based on your team's workflows and inbox setup, you may want to customize when conversations bump to the top of the inbox in the Team section of your sidebar. This is a company-level setting that company admins can control, so it will apply to all shared inboxes for the company. These options will, by default, reopen conversations that were archived, in order to show that their position has changed in the inbox. 

Bump settings

Company admins have access to change the bump settings, which will apply to all shared inboxes. The options and behaviors for when to bump are:

  • Replies: bumps to the top when a teammate sends a new outbound reply in the thread, helpful if your team prioritizes replies over internal comments

  • Comments: bumps to the top when a teammate comments, helpful if your team uses internal notes in order to take next actions

  • Replies and comments: bumps when there is new reply or comment

  • Never: outbound replies and comments do not change the order of conversations

Note: The last bumped time is not used when sorting searches. Sorting in searches is based on the last activity time.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and navigate to company settings. Then click Preferences.

Step 2

In the General tab, find the Bump and reopen conversations in shared inboxes setting and choose when you want conversations to bump.

Step 3

Click Save at the top.

Me section behavior

The bump settings do not impact the Me section of your sidebar (your individual inboxes, Assigned to me, and Shared with me sections), which have their own default behavior. Conversations will bump on:

  • New inbound messages

  • Comments

  • Archives

  • Reopens

  • Assigned

  • @mentions

  • You're added as a participant


How do bump settings impact inactive conversations?

If company bump settings are enabled for replies, inactive conversations will unassign on both new inbound or outbound messages.

If company bump settings are disabled for replies, inactive conversations will unassign on new inbound messages only.

What is not affected by bump settings?

For inactive conversations, new conversation segments are still created by new messages (inbound or outbound), and the conversations will still reopen, regardless of the bump setting.