How to validate your inbox


When adding a new SMTP inbox via a forwarding connection, we ask you to validate that the redirect is working correctly. We will simply send an email to your public address and wait until it arrives in Front. This helps troubleshoot most of the setup issues.

While we encourage you to validate inboxes immediately after creating them, you can choose to do it at a later time by clicking Do this later when you first add the channel in Front. However, to prevent abuse, you won't be able to reply from your inbox until we can validate that you own the address. The following instructions are for you to go back and validate the address at a later time.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and select company, Workspace, or personal settings in the left sidebar, depending on the space you’re working with.

Step 2

Click Channels in the left sidebar, then select the channel that you'd like to validate.

Step 3

Scroll to the Front forwarding address for this channel and click Copy.

Step 4

Log into your email provider and find where to set up email forwarding. Make sure you're setting up a redirection and not setting up a rule to forward a new copy of the email to Front.

See here for a list of instructions from popular providers. 

Step 5

Navigate back to Front and click Send email.

Step 6

You should receive a notification that your email address has been validated. If you do not receive the email to confirm validation, contact us for further help.


Where's my validation email?

If you have not received your validation email from Front, take a look at your spam folder. Sometimes email providers may mistakenly filter out these types of emails. To make sure things like this don't happen again, we suggest you add to your list of approved recipients with your email provider.

If you are still unable to find the email in your spam email, you can request a new activation email by logging into your Front account and clicking the Resend validation email option in the top banner.

Why is it still not working?

If you're still unable to validate your account, please reach out to our helpful support team through our contact form.